Design-Zyme has developed an in vitro glycosylation platform that provides robust post-translational modification of any protein.  This enzyme friendly process is easily scalable and is a key component of our protein stabilization system.

Design-Zyme has two enzyme stabilization platforms designed to increase the in vivo lifetime of enzymes important for human health monitoring applications.  The first is specific for oxidase and dehydrogenase enzymes that represent the bulk of the protein used for in vivo human health monitoring applications.  The second is a general glycosylation strategy that allows for the in vitro glycosylation of any enzyme without negatively affecting the catalytic properties.

Peter A. Petillo, PhD CEO

Peter Petillo founded Design-Zyme based on over 25 years of experience developing and refining enzymes for targeted, in vivo applications.  Prior to Design-Zyme, Dr. Petillo served as Chief Science Officer at Pinnacle Technology Inc. commercializing new biosensors.  Dr. Petillo was a co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Deciphera Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: DCPH) working to develop kinase inhibitors for anti-cancer therapies.  Previously, he also helped to develop new technology at Neogenesis and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Dr. Petillo earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, MA.  He was an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at The University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana, before embarking on his drug discovery and enzyme development efforts.

Mary Beth Carter, PhD COO

Dr. Carter earned her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Organic Chemistry and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at MIT in Cambridge, MA.  She was a Research Scientist in the Medicinal Chemistry Department at Biogen for over 10 years, involved in the design and synthesis of small molecule therapeutics.  

Dr. Carter is also a registered USPTO Patent Agent and was previously employed as a Patent Agent by Deciphera Pharmaceuticals and Hovey Williams, a boutique law firm specializing in patent and trademark law.